How To Do Things

A: Arranging a party

Shahnaz was very happy because it was her birthday and she had invited her friends to a party at home. Qaisara, her dearest and closest friend, was to help her with the arrangements. The guests were to come in the afternoon, and everything had to be ready by then.
The two friends talked about the menu, and they decided to serve kababs, samosas, sandwiches, fruit-chat, sweetmeat and cake along with tea at the party. They also decided to prepare kababs, sandwiches and fruit-chat at home and buy the rest of the things from the market.
The drawing-room was the first to receive their attention. They wanted to decorate it in such a manner that none should find fault with it. It was a hard job but the girls did wonderfully well. The drawing-room presented a beautiful look, when they had finished their work. They took special care in cleaning the crockery and the cutlery before laying the table.
Now they got busy in the kitchen. However, they got the help of mother, in making kababs. Qaisara was an expert in preparing fruit-chat, while Shahnaz thought she could make excellent sandwiches. Both had a nice time in preparing things of their own choice. They finished their work well in time and were satisfied with what they had prepared.
By then it was afternoon. Father came home and brought a big, splendid cake. It bore, the name of Shahnaz with a wish for a happy birthday. He also brought other eatables so that nothing was missing from the menu. Shahnaz and Qaisara arranged everything on the table, giving the place of honour to the birthday cake.
They also made arrangements for providing the guests fun and laughter with party games, like "passing the parcel", "treasure hunt" and "musical chairs".
The "parcel game" was to be very interesting and exciting. A piece of toffee was put in a small carton which was wrapped with many layers of coloured paper. Each layer concealed a slip of paper which bore one of such commands: 'sing a song', ‘crow like a cock', ‘bleat like a goat', ‘bray like a donkey.' The parcel was to pass from one guest to another. Each would remove only one layer of the wrapping, and get the 'punishment' that fell to her lot. The one who got the parcel last would get the prize, the piece of toffee.
In 'treasure hunt', small packets of sweets wrapped in paper were to be hidden at different places in the room. The guests were to look for them everywhere till all the "treasures" were found.
The "musical chairs" would be the last item of the programme, and the winner would get a prize.
Soon the guests started arriving. Shahnaz was clad in a beautiful dress and so were all her friends. She received gifts from the guests and expressed her thanks. When all the guests had arrived, Shahnaz cut the birthday cake amid claps and cheers, and then the tea was served.
After the tea, the guests enjoyed themselves with amusements of all sorts. It was quite late by the time the guests left. Shahnaz was happy because it was a good party and everybody had enjoyed it.

B: Mending a puncture
Riding a bicycle is a joy, when one is young. But this joy suddenly vanishes, when the cycle you are riding gets punctured. Suppose you are off from school. You are riding back home merrily. Suddenly a whizzing sound comes from your bicycle's hind wheel. You feel, while riding that the tyre has lost its tightness and is pressing flat against the ground. You get down the bicycle. Sometimes, there is a tyre burst, frightening you and the passersby.
This emergency should not worry you if you are prepared for it. You lay your bicycle on the ground and leave it there. You take out your kit for mending the puncture. It contains a wrench, a piece of old cycle tube, a pair of small scissors, sandpaper, a colour pencil and sticking solution.
Then you get some water in a large shallow pot. You take one edge of the tyre off the rim. You take out the tube and inflate it.
You dip the inflated tube into the pot of water bit by bit. The moment the punctured part of the tube goes under water, air bubbles will be seen coming out of the small hole with a hissing sound. You mark the spot with a colour pencil. The whole of the tube is tested in this way, and all the punctured parts of the tube are marked.
You deflate the tube and let it dry. Then you take the sandpaper and rub the tube at the punctured spot, till the surface gets rough. You cut a piece from the old tube according to the size of the puncture. You also make its surface rough with the sandpaper. Now you take the sticking solution. You apply some of it to the tube, as well as to the piece of rubber and rub it with your finger. You wait for some time till the solution dries a little. You place the piece of rubber on the puncture and press it tight. It sticks to the tube. The puncture has been mended. You put the tube back into the tyre, pump air into it and ride as you wish.
This is how one may mend the puncture by oneself. The process of mending a puncture at a cycle shop is a different one. A kind of half solid rubber solution is applied to the punctured part of the tube. It is heated at a certain temperature for some time in a machine which is a sort of press. The solution melts and sticks to the tube so that both are inseparable. This method of mending the puncture is common these days and is more durable.

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