Among the Pakistani heroes of the 1965 war, who fought on the Lahore Front there was one Major Raja Abdul Aziz Bhatti.

He fought against the enemy for six days and nights without rest, and laid down his life in the defense of his country. For this act of valour, he was awarded the Nishan-e-Haider, the highest military award of Pakistan.

Aziz Bhatti was born in 1928 in Hong Kong, where his father, Mohammad Abdullah Khan Bhatti, was a teacher. He thus received his early education in Hong Kong. In 1945, he came with his father to his home village Ladian in Gujrat District

He first joined the Air Force, and in 1948, he became a cadet of Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul. He did very well at the Academy and was awarded the Sword of Honour, and the Norman Medal. He joined, the 6th Punjab Regiment as a commissioned officer, where he proved to be a very good military officer.

On the morning of 6 September, 1965, he received orders to proceed to the front at once. The Indians were fully equipped with guns and tanks. Major Aziz Bhatti was fired with the true patriotic spirit of a disciplined soldier. With his small company he not only stopped the Indian advance but also pushed them back.

On 11 September, he was reorganizing his company and directing the gunners to shell the enemy positions. In order to watch every move of the enemy, he had to place himself in an elevated position, where he was exposed to enemy fire.

He performed his duty bravely. His soldiers asked him to come down but he refused. This brave son of Pakistan wanted to save not himself but his country. A shell from an enemy tank struck him on his right shoulder and our brave hero fell.

A day before his martyrdom, the commanding officer had sent him word that since he had been fighting untiringly for the last six days, he should take a little rest and that another officer was being sent to replace him. Major Aziz, who was filled with the spirit of Jehad replied, "Do not recall me. I don't want to go back. I will shed the last drop of my blood in the defence of my dear homeland".

These words will ever inspire the youth of Pakistan with confidence and courage.

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