"MyNotesLibrary.com" is designed to help and support students in their studies in each subject through notes, study articles, animations and past five year papers.
“MyNotesLibrary.com” is the result of efforts of a group of students (MNL team) from many different disciplines of studies who have completed their education period and now making their careers in growing and developing companies, who know the all difficulties usually faced by normal students in school time and gradually in college and university.
This site is made and managed by MNL team to enhance and help the students in their educational tenure.

Our team is putting their utmost efforts to make this website a great source of knowledge and help to every one by making sure that the notes and data provided from this platform is error free, flawless, updated, easy and helping hand in real sense but if you find any error, mistake or typing error then please let us know by emailing us at mynoteslibrary@gmail.com.

Everybody is welcome to share in this great and noble cause and help us:

-by providing their valuable advices/suggestions to improve this website.
-by providing notes and related articles if they have (we will mention student name with the notes or articles given by him/her).
-by spreading the words about "MyNotesLibrary.com".
Wishing a good study relationship ahead with "MyNotesLibrary.com"
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