Chemistry and society

There are three significant reasons to study chemistry. First, chemistry has important practical applications, in the society. The development of life saving drugs is one and a complete list would touch upon most areas of modern technology.
Second, chemistry is an intellectual enterprise, a way of I our material world.
Finally, chemistry figures prominently in other fields, such as in biology, in the advancement of medicines. Chemistry in every field is a useful intellectual tool for making important decisions.
The role of chemistry in the prevailing society is of enormous benefits. We are familiar with many chemicals which have become part and parcel our daily life.
Chlorine has become an important commercial chemical. Today chlorine has turned into the main element for producing more than one thousand chlorine compounds, which are of great importance in chemical industry, producing Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) as plastics for pipes. Other Chlorine compounds are used as bleaching agent, disinfectants, solvents, pesticides, refrigerants, flame retardant and drugs.
Cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery are dangerous diseases, transmitted through impure drinking water. All such water - borne diseases are all but eliminated from most of the parts of the world, when water supplies are treated with chlorine which kill pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms. Chemistry plays an important role in the modern world. For example food, synthetic fibers, plastics, medicines, soap, detergents, cosmetics, cement, fertilizers, glass and explosives are the major gifts of chemistry. The applications of chemistry are much like the science itself, undergoing constant changes. Chemistry is an extremely practical science id has deep influence on our daily living. It matters with the protection of environment, providing our everyday needs of food, clothing and shelters. Using chemistry we have discovered pharmaceutical chemicals that enhance JUT health and prolong our lives. Unfortunately some chemicals have the potentials of harming our health or the environment. It is in our best interest as educated citizens and consumers to understand the profound effect, both positive and negative that chemicals have on our lives. We use fluoride compounds such as SnF2, Na2 P04. F (Sodium fluoro phosphate) and NaF in our tooth pastes to protect and control tooth decay. It is a great beneficence of chemistry on the society.


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