"MyNotesLibrary.com" is designed to help and support students in their studies in each subject through notes, study articles, animations and past five year papers.
"MyNotesLibrary.com" is the result of efforts of a group of students (MNL team) from many different disciplines of studies who have completed their education period and now making their careers in growing and developing companies, who know the all difficulties usually faced by normal students in school time and gradually in college and university.
This site is made and managed by MNL team to enhance and help the students in their educational tenure.


MNL team has gather all its efforts to provide a interactive learning system through which a student can visually observe what he is studying and we have also tried over level best to gather those images in good quality in colored format which are provided in text book.
MNL team has provided animation to those difficult topics which are always a hurdle to students, we have gather all the animation from internet and which we didn't get has been created by our animator to provide you a understanding to that topic.
All subject previous papers are also provided so that a strategy should be define to focus on specific topics.
We have gather notes from different well known Coaching centers so that a student can have a idea to make and prepare a good material of his own to deliver at the time of examination. (Notes will be uploaded in near future inshallah)
MNL team future target is to gather notes from well known coaching centers so that student get a good idea to manage and if they don't have notes they can easily get it through mynoteslibrary.com web site.
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- Ear animation is uploaded.
- MNL team has successfully uploaded IX English Text Book and its Five years.
- IXth Chemistry Text Book is also uploaded.
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